Supporting the vulnerable

This week the Housing Secretary announced the next phase of a flagship programme to support vulnerable families in society, backed by £165 million, which will help us bring about lasting change to many more lives.

  • Throughout the course of the pandemic, we have all seen what can be achieved when government, local authorities and agencies work together to support some of the most vulnerable families in our communities. 
  • The next phase of the government's newly renamed Supporting Families programme will continue this important work, backed by £165 million in 2021-22, helping families with multiple complex problems to overcome difficulties as early as possible, as part of our mission to tackle intergenerational unemployment, crime, domestic abuse and family breakdown. Since 2015, over 870,000 families have benefited from the programme’s ‘whole family’ approach to tackling problems. 
  • As we build back better and fairer from coronavirus, it is more important than ever to stand behind the most vulnerable families in our society, empowering them to turn their lives around and achieve their potential.


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