Revitalising Town Centres

The government has today announced further steps being taken to revitalise high streets and town centres, giving local communities a new lease of life as we build back better.

  • The previous twelve months have tested and challenged our cherished local high streets and town centres.
  • The planning reform measures announced today will allow the conversion of empty, boarded-up shops into cafĂ©s, restaurants or even new homes, helping the high street to adapt and thrive for the future while creating jobs and homes for local people.
  • These new measures will revitalise our high streets and town centres, ensuring that they remain at the heart of local communities as we build back better.


Gary Bullivant said…
On the subject of Towns and High Streets, is it true that both Millom and Cleator Moor's Towns Fund bids have been rejected?
Chris Whiteside said…
No, that is not my understanding. I have been told that an announcement is expected in May.
Chris Whiteside said…
The announcement was delayed until after the PCC election because of "Purdah" legal rules.
Gary Bullivant said…
A widely held view, which is why I asked. My understanding is that the Budget Day announcement was the end of the Towns Fumd and that it was all being wrapped into the Levelling Up fund. The paperwork (the LU prospectus)and a parliamentary question/answers suggest as much. Fortunately, there is only the PCC election to worry about when it comes to campaigning.

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