COP 26 environmental update

Today the Prime Minister has urged negotiators at the COP26 summit to make bold compromises and ambitious commitments so that we can meet the goal of limiting global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees.

  • Good progress has been made so far at COP26, with agreements to end deforestation, cut methane emission, phase out coal and step up climate finance – and countries must continue to build on that success to further protect our planet.
  • That is why the Prime Minister is today urging the nations at COP26 to pull together as we enter the more difficult and complicated negotiations phase – urging them to make the bold compromises and ambitious commitments needed to keep 1.5C alive.
  • The UK’s COP26 Presidency has already seen impressive and far-reaching agreements on climate and we will continue to push other nations to match the action we are taking as a world leader in the fight against climate change.


Jim said…
but to make these changes without any democratic concent is grotesque. I have no objection to the fact man made climate change is occcuring but the people want a referendum on the policies taken to combat it.

This isnt about do you agree with global warming or not its about not living in what is become a more and more dictatoral country. If such actions need to be taken then make the point and put it to the public to get a democratic mandate.
Chris Whiteside said…
As I have pointed out, the target to get to Net Zero by 2050 was in the 2019 Conservative manifesto and it wasn't hidden on page 200 either - it was one of the headline pledges right at the top.

I don't think you can credibly say there is no democratic mandate for net zero by 2050.

There IS an argument for more debate and discussion about how we get there, but actually there is a lot happening on this too - there has been a "citizens jury" process in most parts of the country, including Copeland, to allow direct debate and input from local residents on the subject.

Suggest anyone reading this who wants to take part should google "Climate change citizen's Jury" and the name of their local Borough, City or District council.
Jim said…
The Conservative party won the last election on a mandate of getting brexit done. No one, not even you Chris, can look themselves in a mirror and dispute that fact.

There was no alternative on offer either. We needed a referendum on our EU membership as all partys had manifesto commitments and desires to remain. Same thing.

Since you are so certain there is a mandate there then you should support the people and prove it by having a referendum soley on this issue.
Chris Whiteside said…
Getting Brexit done was at the top of the list of election promises, but net zero by 2050 was also one of the top headline pledges.

Nobody who had made even a limited effort to find out what was in the 2019 Conservative manifesto could possibly have missed it.

So I just don't buy the argument that there is no mandate for it.

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