Cop 26 report

This week at COP26, it was  announced that a 190-strong coalition has agreed to both phase out coal power and end support for new coal power plants as Britain works with the rest of  the world in tackling climate change. 

  • Coal is the single biggest contributor to climate change, so phasing it out and delivering a rapid transition to clean energy across the world is essential if we are to keep 1.5 degrees alive. 
  • That is why, thanks to a package of support from the UK and our international partners, a 190-strong coalition has agreed to accelerate the phase out of coal power, end support for new coal plants, rapidly scale up deployment of clean power generation, and make this transition in a way that benefits workers and communities. This includes 18 countries committing for the first time to phase out and not build or invest in new coal power, including Poland, Vietnam, and Chile.
  • This is a significant milestone in our global efforts to tackle climate change as we lead the way to end the use of coal, and embrace the benefits of a future built on clean energy.  
NB - this is an agreement to phase out the use of thermal coal to run power plants. There is not yet a proven and economic solution to the use of metallurgical coal to make steel


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