Monday, April 25, 2016

A fast motion car-crash

Kathy Gingell has an article one the "Conservative Woman" site which argues that Vote Leave is busy digging its own – and Brexit’s - grave. She says that

"If Teflon Dave pulls off yet another of his Houdini escapes, the reason will be not the strength of his hand, but the incompetence of the campaign leaders of Brexit's troops."

After listing the errors of recent weeks - the failure to respond effectively to the Treasury's arguments, the abysmal appearance of Dominic Cummings before the select committee (see previous post - but only watch the clip if you are a pro-remain sadist or a pro-leave masochist), the failure to pitch an appropriate reply to Obama, Kathy writes

"Everyone (and I am talking about committed and politically well-connected Eurosceptics) I have spoken to is in despair. We have lost, they tell me."

Her advice to the Leave campaign is:

"Vote Leave has two months to get its act together – starting now. So, in a spirit of constructive criticism, I would advise them to:
  • Devise a less arrogant campaign – one that appeals across the board and recognises people have reasonable fears about their economic future and “show that a prosperous alternative is possible" as the Telegraph advised.
  • Remember the foe is Remain, not Ukip! This means a hand of friendship put out to Nigel Farage and the GO team - fast.
  • Stop treating Mr Farage like some sort of pariah or outcast. Yes, it might be great that six cabinet Ministers have nailed their colours to Brexit’s mast but on their own, Vote Leave looks like a typical Tory bash – the sort that turns off three quarters of the British public.
  • Face up to BBC bias. With typical Tory arrogance they seem to think a higher frequency of their own appearances on the BBC means the Corporation has reformed itself. Wrong. It continues to be deeply biased as News-watch keeps showing. Despite this, no co-ordinated effort appears to be being made to put on the pressure on, or to protest – despite Laura Kuenssberg’s and Norman Smith’s latest outrageously negative (for Brexit) assessments of the importance of Obama
  • Take themselves off properly  to plan their (still to be decided) campaign message and ground campaign, rather than cobbling up overnight cynical U-turns as today."
I'm not sure every part of this is right, but they would certainly do a lot better with this strategy than the present mess.

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