Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Shadow Chancellor's PPS resigns after admitting extraordinary Facebook Posts

Until today Labour MP Naz Shah was PPS to the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell.

However, it has now transpired that in social media posts in 2014, a few months before her election as an MP, she had

* Apparently suggested that the entire Jewish population of Israel should be deported to the USA
   (source Guido Fawkes here, see also Jewish Chronicle here)

* Used language like "The Jews are rallying" to encourage people to take an anti-Israel position
   (source Guido Fawkes here)

* Compared Israel to Hitler (see here)

She has now resigned as PPS to the Shadow Chancellor and issued the following apology

If a Conservative MP had said something like this the calls from Labour for him or her to resign would have been deafening.

It will be interesting to see what action Labour takes.

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