Thursday, April 28, 2016

Local elections - one week to go

One week from today there will be various elections affecting almost all voters in England, Scotland and Wales for

Police and Crime Commissioners in England
Many local councils
Mayor and Assembly in London
Scottish parliament
Welsh assembly

If Conservatives are successful, what our country could have:
  • Strong Conservative councils across England giing value for taxpayers’ money
  • Effective Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales working hard to keep our streets safer
  • Labour out in Wales after 17 long years in office
  • A strong opposition in Scotland, holding the SNP to account
  • A Mayor who will stand up for our capital city to deliver his Action Plan for Greater London

Or we could wake up to something very different. A Labour Party running parts of our country, led by Jeremy Corbyn, a man who wants to:
  • Put up income tax on hardworking families
  • Print money to pay for public services
  • Back unrestricted strikes
  • Abolish our Armed Forces
Whatever your view, use your vote on Thursday 5th May

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