Friday, April 15, 2016

On loyalty.

I have just returned from the formal campaign launch in Carlisle to elect Peter McCall, the Conservative candidate, as Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Special Guest speaker was Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers, who was introduced by John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle.

John, Theresa and Peter all made excellent speeches and all answered appropriate questions from the audience.

I am certain that if he is elected Peter will be an excellent Police and Crime Commissioner in successful to Richard Rhodes.

One other point about loyalty. Many people have a cynical view of people involved in politics at national and local level and assume that we are all consumed with ambition and only care about ourselves. Too much deference in politics is not a good thing (see another post due later this evening) but in my experience assuming all of even most politicians have only selfish motives is not entirely fair, and there was an example on display today which I don't think anyone other than myself noticed.

When the Conservatives selected our candidate last year, Peter was an excellent choice from a field of three excellent candidates.

Both of the other candidates have been out campaigning for him, and both of them, and both their spouses, were there today at the campaign launch giving him 100% support. Nobody acted as if that was anything other than exactly what they would have expected.

I think if the people who are involved in local politics and campaigning and who put themselves forward for public office were routinely quite as self-obsessed as the impression often created by the media suggests, that would have been much more noticeable.

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