Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sugar savages Khan

Lord Alan Sugar - a former minister in the last Labour Government, though he now sits as a crossbench peer - has made an astonishing and, in my opinion, devastating, attack on Labour's London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan.

You can read his comments in the Indy here.

Sugar accuses Khan of being responsible, as campaign manager for Ed Miliband's leadership bid and then one of the most senior MPs to nominate Jeremy Corbyn, of single-handedly wrecking the Labour party through causing it to pick leaders who follow anti-business policies.

He described Khan and Jeremy Corbyn as the "Laurel and Hardy" of politics.

Here are some extracts from his comments:

"Khan ran Ed Miliband's leadership campaign. He was in the room when Miliband turned on people like me, attacking the country's largest employers as 'predators', as well as Corbyn who famously called Britain's businesses the real enemy."

"Khan was one of the most senior politicians to nominate Corbyn as leader. Without Khan's endorsement Corbyn would never have made it onto the ballot."

"Under Corbyn the lunatics have taken over the asylum. His ambition is to drag Britain back to the 1970's - union blackmail and three-day weeks, when our best and brightest were leaving the country in droves. Militants, Trots, anti-semites and terrorist sympathisers all seem to have been welcomed into Labour with open arms."

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