Friday, April 15, 2016

Quote of the day 15th April

"It is not what Robert Mugabe would do. Calm down.

These are ‘spiv Robert Mugabe antics’, said the Tory backbencher Nigel Evans, of the government’s alleged £9 million mailshot making the case for staying in the European Union.

But no. They aren’t.

If David Cameron was behaving like Robert Mugabe, then he wouldn’t just be sending a leaflet to your house. He’d be sending a gang of thugs to your house, who all claimed to have fought in the second world war and yet had an average age of about 22, and then they’d come into your house and make you leave your house, and say it was their house. And Cameron would say, ‘Yes, it is their house,’ and the High Court would say ‘No it isn’t,’ and Cameron would either ignore the High Court altogether or call it a racist. I’m just saying. It’s important to get these things in perspective."

(Hugo Rifkind in a Spectator article this week, "This really isn't how Robert Mugabe would run a referendum.")

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