Friday, April 29, 2016

Cameron's compassion will save children's lives: Dubs' compassion will get them drowned

The argument between David Cameron and Lord Dubs is not an argument between someone who cares about helping refugee children and someone who doesn't.

Both believe we should do something to help. Both have offered a means to do so. I have no doubts whatsoever about the sincerity of either.

The difference is that one is offering a solution which really will help, and the other, for the best of motives, is offering a solution which I believe will get more children drowned.

The British government is giving £2.3 billion to help those fleeing war in Syria. We had previously said we will take 20,000 refugees - we have now said we will take a further 3,000 child refugees.
The Royal Navy is to help save the lives of those making the crossing. It’s not just that Britain is giving more than any country in Europe; we’re giving more than the rest of Europe put together.

And I am convinced the government is right to say that the refugees we take should come directly from the Middle East, not from those who have already reached Europe, to stop the rush to the people smugglers who are drowning ten people a day.

Let's reiterate the key point about child refugees. Only last week, the British Government said it would take 3,000. We will take those on the United Nations’ “at risk” register, which includes teenagers at risk of child marriage or sexual exploitation.

That way we help those most in need and reduce rather than increase the perverse incentive for desperate families to trust the lives of their children to people smugglers.

As Fraser Nelson argues in the Telegraph, David Cameron is right and Alf Dubs and the House of Lords are wrong. The government must stand their ground.

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