Friday, April 15, 2016

Handle the NHS with care

Paul Goodman makes the wisest comment about the NHS which I have heard from either side of the EU referendum argument during the campaign to date, when he urges on Conservative Home as follows:

"Our message to Conservative leave campaigners on the NHS is handle with care."

Absolutely right. And the same applies to Remain campaigners.

The NHS is too important to be used as a political football.


Jim said...

I just cant see either side in the official campaign taking the good advise offered by Paul Goodman.

Its just too tempting for them, if there is one thing they think they will win them votes its the NHS

(alayhi as-salām, peace be upon it, Amen)

Chris Whiteside said...

Judging by the exchanges about the NHS on this, the first day of the actual official campaign, you are absolutely right.

But Paul was right to offer the advice even if not enough people are listening.