Wednesday, April 27, 2016

And many a true word is spoken in jest ...

The previous post listed and linked to some spoof posts which were funny.

This is one I'm sharing because it makes in a mildly amusing way a point which is actually true.

On 2nd April - the day after April Fool's Day - NewsThump published an article called

People go back to believing everything they read on the internet.

E.g. the suggestion is that on the first of April people know that there may be joke posts and articles so they actually check things, but the following day they stop doing that and are often far too credulous.

It's meant as a joke but this really is a case of "many a true word is spoken in jest."

Much of this article isn't really a spoof at all, it's very good advice. Particularly the final sentence which reads as follows:

"Internet users are reminded to be careful of what they read – and to remember the important rule that if you can summarise a complex position with a single line of text and an attractive picture, it’s probably not true any day of the year and not just on April the 1st."

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