Saturday, April 30, 2016

Another side of George Osborne

Extracts from the chancellor's speech at a Westminster Correspondents' dinner this week

“The Referendum means we’re all arguing among ourselves. The Canadian model, the Albanian model, the Ukrainian model. And that’s just John Whittingdale’s table.”

Remarking that he had his own diet plan, he explained: “It’s called the 5:2. After two out of every five Budgets I eat some of my own words.”

And on Labour:  “We’re joined by the various factions of the Labour Party. Stephen Kinnock – the united front. Rachel Reeves – the popular front. Emily Thornberry – the unpopular front. And Chris Bryant – the Y-front.”

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Jim said...

Tell me about it, We within the ranks of The Leave Alliance have been pushing though Kasserine Pass* for months.

* The battle at Kasserine Pass fought in Tunisia in 1943, basically ended up as the UK forces fighting though the in experienced and retreating American forces in order to get to the Germans, In other words, we had to fight our own side in order to get to the enemy.

More on Kasserine pass is Here

Chris Whiteside said...

Suspect the intelligent people on both sides, and those who actually want to be honest with British voters about the facts, are feeling like that. I have stored up an article for after the local elections, when my moratorium on EU-referendum posts expires, referring to an Independent article which looks at the fact-check reports on both In and Out and finds both sides wanting: