Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Gove Speech

I will write in more detail on Friday about the important Michael Gove speeches this week.

They were an extreme Curate's egg. Some excellent bits, some dire, fully deserving much though not all of the storm of criticism from most remain supporters and some leave ones which has hit him.

This is what John Rentoul has to say on Gove's input

However I have some serious concerns about the Gove interventions, of which the second worst was that he utterly misrepresented the "Open Europe" assessment to which I linked to a few days back on Radio 4's Today programme yesterday morning. I assume Nick Robinson cannot have read it, or he would have torn Michael Gove a new you-know-what, and it would have been thoroughly deserved.

The worst mistake however was suggesting that Britain might not have to activate Article 50 to leave the EU, an absolutely ridiculous idea which came under - richly deserved - "friendly fire" from intelligent leave supporters. This is what the EU referendum blog had to say on the subject

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