Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New road to be build past A595 stretch affected by possible landslip

The section of the A595 near Parton, just North of Whitehaven, which is affected by a possible landslip, will not be closed until an alternative route has been built according to "Highways England."

Jonathan Reade of Highways England said he recognised that it would be "nonsense" to expect motorists to adhere to a forty-mile diversion route through Egremont, Frizington, Lamplugh and Cockermouth.

(I pause for readers to exclaim that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous fictional detective is suffering from constipation.)

As, quote, "The embankment is not in any imminent danger of collapse, we would have closed it immediately if it were" HE are hopeful that they can build a replacement road before closing the stretch affected by the possible landslip.

A route for the new road is being investigated and local residents and councillors have put forward suggestions for how this could be used as an opportunity to improve the local road network and deal with some of the difficult, dangerous or congested junctions.

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