Thursday, April 28, 2016

This twitter "celebration" is quite literally balls ...

I was rather baffled this morning to see that my twitter feed today was filling up with messages referring to "Ed Balls Day!" and using the hashtag #EdBallsDay which as of earlier today was the top trend in the UK and had been used over 10,000 times.
Turns out this relates to a Twitter fail five years ago today
Hat tip to Rosina Sini at the BBC for explaining that on 28 April 2011 Ed Balls, who was shadow chancellor at the time, tweeted his own name in error.

He was urged by his aide to search Twitter for articles mentioning his name, but instead of doing a search he tweeted his own name by mistake.

So on 28 April Twitter rejoices in the madness and celebrates Ed Balls.

To paraphrase Michael Heseltine, this twitter event really is complete Balls ...

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