Monday, April 11, 2016

The eyes have itt, continued:

Just returned from a trip to Newcastle to have the progress of my eyes checked following my second eye surgery on Saturday.

Delighted to say that things appear to be going extremely well. Uncorrected vision in both eyes has now reached and passed the required driving standard and I have been cleared to drive again after ten days in which I was not able to do so (which was an interesting insight into what it is like to be a West Cumbrian resident who cannot afford a car or is unable to drive for other reasons.)

Many thanks to all the kind people who sent me messages of support over the past couple of weeks and for those who remembered me in their prayers.


Jim said...

Its not so bad being a west cumbrian who cant drive to be honest, just so long as some one else in the family can. Unless she is out, but even then its often a novelty now for me, I tend to enjoy it while it lasts.

Jim said...

The last major operation I had was replacing my left knee. I could not drive for 4 weeks due to the drugs I had, but even after that could not drive, So I had to sell my car and buy an Automatic. (did not like that) but hey. its all good these days though, the Kevlar knee operates a clutch like a dream. :)

Jim said...

Thats just it sometimes, I would not wish a knee op like mine on my worst enemy, really I Would not, it hurt like hell. it was constant pain, most of the time, It was also a pain in the **** trying to do anything.

But the glass can be half full too, To be perfectly honest with you these days the kevlar knee in my left leg is stronger, faster, and all round better than the real one in my right. Due to nerve damage done at the time of the incident I dont have so much feeling in my lower left leg including my left foot any more, its not totally numb but i would say it has less than 5% of that of that of the right one. but even that can be a glass half full thing, I only have one tickly foot and the wife can never remember which one it is :)

Jim said...

Having said all of that,

I am really glad your ops went ok Chris, And hope your vision is a gift you enjoy.

Jim said...

Must learn to stop going off on tangents, Blogger needs an "edit" button :)

Chris Whiteside said...

My wife really hates driving so I still had the problem!

Glad your Kevlar knee eventually worked out.

And thanks for your kind words.

Jim said...

Well, yeah, I got lucky with that one, I have had 3 knees in my left leg, the real one was great, then just after the "accident" they put in a titanium one, that was an absolute night mare. So, to save them selves a lot of money on a full "medical discharge" the RAF paid for a Kevlar carbon one to be fitted.

I guess that says a lot of how the world now works really, I got a super mega GTi Kevlar one to save the RAF a fortune in the long run, anyone else just gets what they are given and has to work with it.