Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Quote of the day 6th April 2021

 "Nicola Sturgeon deserves to lose."

(Title of article on the Scottish parliament elections by Stephen Daisley which eviscerates the case for voting SNP and which you can read in full here.)


Jim said...

What, and the current shambles we have in westminster dont? just a shame that the most incompetent government in living memory also enjoy an even worse opposition.

The latest one, this senf adminsterd testing twice a week, well thats genius isnt it. The even the pro Torymail are on it. For all their faults the Mail do tend to get values right £1bn a month.

Testing for a disease for which most people (especially the most vunerable) are vaccinated. Kind of sends and opposite signal doesnt it.

Some are saying its johnson trying to draw attention from the hash he and his administration have made of brexit, possible. I can see why they are trying to drag out the rona, its about the only thing they think they have support on, but to be brutally honest that is waning fast.

If starmer had any nounce then he would be dragging the tories over the coals for the brexit failings, but lucky for Johnston starmer wont touch brexit, its off the table as its too divisive.

Sadly, this leads me to predict we will have this most incompetent government for quite some time.

Chris Whiteside said...

The vaccination dramatically reduces the risk of dying or having to be admitted to hospital as a result of COVID-19

It does not entirely eliminate it.

A study reported in the New Scientist the other week suggested that if Britain has another wave of COVID in the near future as a result of it spreading from the continent, Britain's vaccination programme would protect perhaps 80% of those who have had the jab - which is enough to save many tens of thousands of lives - but among those who have not been vaccinated and the other 20% we might still lose another thirty thousand people.

That estimate seems pessimistic to me but what I confess to being terrified of is that the more of this coronavirus is still around the more chance for new variants to develop which might be more dangerous - or in particular, some of which might be resistant to the antibodies which people produce when they have had one of our current vaccinations.

Hence the need to remove lockdown measures slowly and carefully, for us all to be sensible, and for a good system to test, track and trace.

No government is perfect and no government has got all of this right. But what you cite as evidence for the present UK administration being the most incompetent government in history I see as evidence that the government is trying to save the lives of the people for whom it is responsible.