Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Working with our G7 partners to strengthen democracy and trade

Today the Foreign Secretary chaired discussions on tackling threats to democracy and deepening cooperation and trade with our G7 partners, helping to make Britain safer and stronger.

  • The UK’s presidency of the G7 is an opportunity to bring together open, democratic societies and demonstrate unity at a time when it is much needed to tackle shared challenges and rising threats.
  • At the Conference in London today, the foreign secretary chaired discussions with our democratic partners on pressing geopolitical issues that threaten to undermine democracy, freedoms and human rights - including relations with Russia, China, and Iran – as well as outlining our vision for increased G7 and Indo-Pacific co-operation on building trade ties and tackling climate change.
  • Leading from the front on trade and co-operation with countries which share our values of democracy and openness will help ensure the success of Global Britain and make our communities safer and stronger as we build back better.

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