Thursday, October 08, 2015

Britain is not Twitter

One of the things the PM said in his speech was that "Britain is not Twitter."

Some proof of that today on twitter itself.

Tim Mongomerie had tweeted that he enjoyed doing Newsnight and had been amused by the fact that Polly Toynbee thinks David Cameron is to the right of Mrs Thatcher.

I was amused too - after all, even Ed Miliband approved of two of the policies for which David Cameron will be remembered. During one of the GE15 leader debates, when each of them was asked to identify two things about the other which he approved of, Ed Miliband's reply was that he respected what David Cameron had done to legalise equal marriage for gay people and that DC had kept the promise to spend 0.7% of Britain's GDP on foreign aid.

Frankly, the idea that the Prime Minister who put equal marriage onto the statue book is more right-wing than the one who put section 28 on the statue book is just plain bonkers.

But the responses to Tim's tweet were interesting. One from a Daniel Booth suggested Polly T's comment "sort of implies that Ed Miliband was more right wing than Thatcher too as the PM has nicked all his policies."

Others shared Tim's amusement.

But the majority of responses came from people who either shared Polly Toynbee's bizarre opinion, or from people who went to the opposite extreme, e.g. suggesting that David Cameron was on the left, not really a Conservative, adopting the policies of a looney left wing council, or is to the left of Tony Blair.

Actually the person who made the Tony Blair comparison might have had a point, but the rest were over the top.

Just goes to show that social media can produce a race to express the most extreme idea.

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