Thursday, October 08, 2015

Quote of the Day 8th October 2015

"When England were doing really well in a World Cup, they were due to play France and I thought I just couldn't bear to watch this English victory in an English pub with Englishmen who would be gloating at the end.

So I got on a train and went to the first bar I came to in France to watch it there.

England duly won and all these Frenchmen stood up and formed a line to shake my hand in congratulation. I'd been mistaken for an English rugby supporter. How bad can it get?

What is the French for: 'No. No. I wanted France to win. I'm not English'?"

(Stephen Evans, the BBC's "From our Own Correspondent" slot, from the viewpoint of a Welshman who likes the English most of the time but says "I can never support England on the sports field.")


Jim said...

Non, je voulais France pour gagner. Je ne suis pas anglais

But then there was not an Englishman to help you at the time :)

Jim said...

^ well ok then, you did not have a smartphone with "google" translate is the more honest answer, but you know, could not help it.