Wednesday, January 06, 2016

David Cameron quotes Shakespeare at Jeremy Corbyn's expense

DC had a little fun at Labour's expense (again) when he was asked about the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Saying that Shakespeare provides language for every occasion, he suggested some of the bard's play titles as metaphors for what is going on in the Labour party ...


Jim said...

Can the Honorable Prime Minister please explain why he insists on repeating porkies about exercising a veto on a none existent treaty, and after being corrected several times, insists on telling lies about Norway and Icelands input to rules and standards that affect the Single market?

He has no children.—All my pretty ones?
Did you say all?—O hell-kite!—All?
What, all my pretty chickens, and their dam,
At one fell swoop?

Chris Whiteside said...

I know you feel strongly on this, Jim, but as I explained in a reply comment earlier this week, what David Cameron is saying about Norway is exactly what prominent members of the Norwegian government are also saying.

If you and Dan Hannan think you know better than members of the Norwegian government how their relationship with Europe works you are entitled to your opinion.

You may even be right, although not even all "out" supporters agree with you - Douglas Carswell apparently doesn't, for instance. I presume you are not going to accuse him of lying?

So why cheapen your argument by accusing DC of lying because he repeats what his opposite numbers in Norway tell him about the experience of their government?

Jim said...

There is no objection to prove that I am not saying I know better than the norwegian government, In fact Richard went and asked one of them

Jim said...

You are not dealing with the front bench of the Labour party here Chris :)

Chris Whiteside said...

How seriously annoying - I spent an hour earlier this week researching composing and posting a response to your first accusation this year that the PM was lying in which I demonstrated with links to their own words to provide proof, that the comments David Cameron made which said you described as lies were repeating exactly what the present Norwegian Attorney General and European affairs minister have said. (That's what I was referring to in the post above on this thread.) And now I find that between my computer and blogger the wretched thing has disappeared. I think I will have to recreate it and post it as an article.