Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Sir Robert Atkins writes on the objectives of the new North West team.

Sir Robert Atkins, the new chairman of the Conservative Party in the North West of England, has written today to all individual members of the party in the North West for which the regional office has contact details.

This is an extract from the letter.


Dear Colleague,

As we reach the New Year, I thought that it would be appropriate to tell members about people and plans for the region, following the recent elections last month. This letter is being sent to every individual member of the Conservative Party in NW England, wherever possible.

Pamela Hall (Deputy/Political)

Will maintain and develop regular communication with Area and Association chairmen, Council Group Leaders, PCC candidates, PPCs (when selected) and lead on campaigning activities
Will act as a focus for by-elections at all levels
Will liaise with MPs and MEPs (in conjunction with me)
Will co-ordinate political/media relations
Will support the activities of the Conservative Policy Forum
Will explore the practicalities/possibilities of a Regional Conference
(Your views please!)

John Cunliffe (Deputy/Membership)
Will maintain regular contact with Area and Association chairmen to develop membership, training and fund-raising
Will chair a Working Group to review existing training support and to explore and implement new techniques, especially with social media.  (The other members will be Chris Whiteside, former Cumbria Area Chairman, and Hayley Wells-Bradshaw, Agent for Tatton).  They will report sooner rather than later!
Will be the focus for Conservative Future and the Women’s Committee
Will represent the Region on the Party’s Association Finance Board

I have invited Michael Winstanley - and he has accepted - to act as the “Champion” for opposition-held constituency Associations, so that they are valued and respected for the often-forgotten work that they do in difficult circumstances. Michael will use his formidable experience in this area to good effect and John will act as his link to the Board.

As CHAIRMAN, I will have overall responsibility for Regional Party activities but will direct special attention to the potential difficulties that always surround a Parliamentary Boundary Review.  Also, I am determined to keep the Regional membership as much together as is possible before, during and after the EU Referendum.  We have a General Election to win in 2020!  And, of course, there will be the results of the Party Chairman’s Structural Review to consider very soon.

The key to our potential success is always YOU - and your colleagues in every Association.  So communication both ways is essential.  We will endeavour to keep you in the political picture but you must do the same with us.  We want to come to your meetings whenever possible - so just invite us via the Salford office or contact us directly - and we want to hear about your successes and your problems. 

Please help us to help you.

A Happy, Prosperous and electorally successful New Year to you all.

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