Saturday, January 02, 2016

Quote of the day 2nd January 2016

(The late Robert Runcie had some knowledge of what war is like as he had been a Captain in the Guards during the second World War before being ordained and becoming Bishop of St Albans and finally Archbishop of Canterbury.

His mild and polite manner and moderate views while Archbishop led many in the media and in society to underestimate Robert Runcie.

During his service in the Army during World War II he was decorated for pulling a comrade from a blazing tank while under enemy fire: his nickname in the guards was "Killer Runcie.")


Jim said...

War more usually is when power is in question. Anyone who has power is very very reluctant to let it go. There are many tools they can use to do this, nationalism is but one. Even if you look more closely at that quote you can almost feel the church trying to claw onto power, that nationalism wants.

Its pretty vile isn't it.

But that is exactly what power does, its why it needs to be divided, its why demands 1,2 & 3 of <a href=">Harrogate</A>
exist. They take back and divide the power, demands 4 and 5 keep that in check. Power is OK, so long as there is no man/woman/entity with too much of it.

Jim said...

oops hit a quote mark Here we are

Chris Whiteside said...

Lord Acton would certainly have agreed with your concern, and I think you make a very good point.