Thursday, January 07, 2016

Reshuffles and resignations

I wasn't the only person who thought it would be absolutely outrageous if it were true that Pat McFadden was fired from the Shadow Cabinet for his criticism of terrorists.

Three of the Labour frontbenchers who Jeremy Corbyn didn't sack decided that if Corbyn didn't want people who criticised terrorism in those words on his front bench, it was no place for them either.

The first to go, Jonathan Reynolds, stressed that he had personally not been in favour of extending airstrikes against DA'ESH into Syria, but despite this added that "I cannot in good conscience endorse the world view of Stop the War Coalition, who I believe to be fundamentally wrong."

He added that "my colleague Pat McFadden was right to condemn those who would to any degree absolve ISIS for their actions following the atrocities in Paris."

Kevan Jones, discussing his resignation on the World at One, said that

"Jeremy I think was elected I think with the strapline, ‘straight-talking, honest politics’ –there’s been nothing straight-talking or honest about what’s gone on over the last 48 hours."

And this is Stephen Doughty on why he resigned ...


Jim said...

Off topic (sorry) it was just to say that I think someone at "strongerin" one of the reamin campaigns, actually read and picked up on something I said :)

Chris Whiteside said...

Yes, I shared this on Facebook and thought I had shared it on this blog (was about to when I was interrupted by a call from my boss's boss asking me to actually do some urgent work. What is the world coming to?)

Jim said...

What? Bt and manager and work, erm Euston we have a problem :)