Saturday, April 09, 2016

Eye, Eye continued

Have had a very peculiar week following lens replacement surgery on one eye, while the other was not yet treated.

Sight in the first eye treated has been gradually stabilising and is vastly better than it was before surgery. The other eye still requires adjustment equivalent to my (very strong) prescription.

Early in the week I used contact lenses in the eye which has not been treated, but I have never got on that well with contacts, and in the latter part of the week would have had to avoid them anyway in preparation for the surgery on the second eye this weekend.

Apparently you can indeed still get monocles (thanks Jim) but it would not have been worth the cost of getting a prescription monocle prepared for one week's use, so I have been wearing glasses with one lens removed.

I am due to have the second surgery today and if the progress to date with the first eye is anything to go by, while I may or may not be able to manage without glasses completely it is clear that I will be much less dependent on them than I was.

It is amazing what life changing wonders modern science now makes available.

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Jim said...

Hope this one goes as well as the last one, dont worry about it, I am pretty sure it will :-)

The trouble with not being too dependent on them is that, if like me, you wear them for reading and using a PC monitor, but not for driving, then you develop this terrible habbit of leaving them either at home or at work so struggle a bit for a day. I resolved this by simply buying two pairs, one of which lives at work. :D