Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Quote of the day 5th April 2016


Jim said...

I want you to think about this long and hard,

Athens chose freedom of responsibility and was never free again, what does that say?

The people of the UK have never chosen freedom of responsibility, never ever, not once. The only ones that seem to get away with doing so are the political class for example HWSNBN, who doomed us, yet walks scott free whilst the rest of us pay the bill.

The reality is that the people of the UK have never had the opportunity to have to wish for any sort of freedom, let alone that of responsibility. Until now.

we are sick of it, sick and tired of it.

So unlike Athens we choose responsibility, we choose freedom from being led, we choose to make our own choice, we will pay when we mess it up, but at least its us who messed it up, not some other idiot who runs off and leaves us with the bill. we will reap when we get it right, but again at least its us who will reap.

So we never have chosen freedom from responsibility, we have always been denied the ability to choose.

Chris Whiteside said...

It's an interesting point. If someone had told me all of this quote except for which great ancient city it was about, and asked me to fill in the name of the city, I would have opted, not for Athens, but for Rome. Athens lost its' freedom after starting and losing a war, over-reaching itself, and some bad decisions on the way they managed certain generals. Rome surrendered its' freedom to home-grown strongmen.

However imperfect our society may be, however, we have more freedom in many ways than the citizens of Rome or Athens at the height of their powers. The challenge is to ensure that we do not lose it.