Saturday, April 02, 2016

Second quote of the day 2nd April 2016

"That is clearly the strand of thinking at the top."
"They're not particularly interested in winning the referendum and they'd rather replicate the SNP scenario which is lose the primary objective of the party but create such a sense of grievance you win in the polls and do rather well."

(Words attributed by the BBC to an anonymous "UKIP politician" expressing concern at the direction Nigel Farage and Arron Banks appear to be taking the party and the conduct of the party's contribution to the referendum campaign.)

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Jim said...

Its very true. And it goes for Vote Leave as well as GO and Leave.EU. None of them are at all interested in winning the referendum. The only campaigning group that are interested in winning it and actually have a coherent plan on how to leave and do so safely are being completely and utterly blanked.

The worst part is, that if by some miracle Leave does actually win (which will be in spite of, not because of Vote Leave, GO, Leave.EU or UKIP)then the government will go into the Article 50 negotiations pretty much using Flexcit as a guide anyway. Its an absolute given.

I may be using a lot of confirmation bias (as a human its hard for me not to I guess) but I have convinced myself of that. I have also convinced myself that the "Remain" campaign insist on pretending Flexcit does not exist as they can not beat it, its blooming dangerous to them.