Monday, April 04, 2016

Who has had a good or bad referendum campaign?

I think it says something about the EU referendum campaign to date that this Political Betting article about which individual politicians have done best or worst suggests that the politicians who have done most to enhance their political position during the campaign are mainly those who have largely kept out of it.

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Jim said...

What is a referendum?

a referendum is when the politicians have consistently failed to produce a result that is acceptable to the people, so instead of debating it in places like the house of commons, the only option they have is to ask the people.

This means that the politicians have failed to resolve the issue, and have instead passed that debate to the people to vote on. So the best thing the politicians can possibly do is keep out of it until the people have made the decision and then act on the decision of the people.

So what it says is those politicians who actually understand what a referendum is, have held the best position during the run up to a referendum.

I think that is the something it says about the EU referendum, don't you?