Yesterday Britain imposed landmark sanctions on Alexander Lukashenko, his son and senior figures in the Belarusian government, taking decisive action to stand up for our values of democracy and human rights.

  • Alexander Lukashenko’s regime is responsible for a string of human rights violations against the people of Belarus and the rigging of their election. Despite numerous calls from the international community, he has refused to engage in dialogue.
  • Through our Global Human Rights sanctions regime, the UK has the power to stop those individuals from the Belarusian regime, including Alexander Lukashenko, from entering this country, using UK banks, or profiting from our economy. These coordinated international sanctions, taken by the UK and Canada, will send a clear message.   
  • It is important that the international community makes an effort to hold those responsible for the kind of thuggery deployed by the regime in Belarus against their own people to account and Britain will take the action needed to stand up for  democracy and human rights. 


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