Tuesday music spot: the "Holding Out For A Hero" action sequence from Shrek II

The scene from Shrek II where the evil Fairy Godmother, voiced by Jennifer Saunders, is singing "I need a hero" while the real hero and his friends are breaking into the castle is one of the most perfectly constructed and brilliantly funny animated sequences of all time. 

I still find myself spotting clever details that I'd previously missed when I watch it - this time how the captain of the guard shouts "Incoming!" to warn his catapult crew to get clear of a approaching giant gumdrop button!
The only slight catch is that the hero looks and sounds exactly like one of the strongest contenders for the title of worst Prime Minister this country has ever had, a designation for which there has been a lot of competition. 

Perhaps the message of the film's ending is that the heroine, Fiona, prefers Shrek when he looks like an Ogre rather than like that PM ...


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