Special meetings of Copeland Borough Council

There are two special meetings of Copeland Borough Council being held online tomorrow (8th September 2020) at 2pm and 4pm respectively.

In my humble opinion:

  • The first is massively important and will be highly relevant to the communities who live in Copeland.
  • The second will be a massive whinge-fest which is of important only to self-interested politicians,  completely irrelevant to most of the people of Copeland, and an utter waste of time.

The 2pm meeting is to approve a group of consultation documents which if agreed will move forward the process of giving Copeland the up-to-date local plan which we desperately need so that CBC can take intelligent planning decisions.

Details of that meeting including a link to watch it can be found on the CBC website here.

The 4pm special meeting has been called by the Labour party, to discuss a motion which is basically mithering about the Mayor of Copeland having joined the Conservative party, and demands that he writes to ask the PM for more money, then resigns and fights a by-election.

Utter hypocrisy from a council group which made no such demand when Councillor Robin Pitt, who had been elected to Copeland Borough Council as a Conservative, crossed the floor and defected to them.

The council has no power to enforce the demand that the Mayor resign or organise a by-election so this meeting will be a total waste of time, but any masochist who wants to see their elected representatives spending time they should be devoting to solving the real problems of the borough on childish political knockabout can obtain the details and link here.


Anonymous said…
Hows Mikes Cumbria Mayor campaign coming along then?
Gary Bullivant said…
I expect we will see the Plan put out to consultation as proposed. It will be interesting to see the public response to the idea that rural villages be converted to local service centres by edict. As for the second, I agree - pointless waste of time and effort.
Chris Whiteside said…
Gary - if you have views on the plan, please write in and make them known - as I'm sure you will.

As for the first comment, Mike has not shared with me whether he would stand for the job if it is created, but it might look a bit premature for anyone to start overtly campaigning to be elected to a job which it is by no means certain is going to be set up.

Personally I think a metro mayor of Cumbria could have huge benefits in terms of unlocking grants and development but I wouldn't bet my shirt on it happening or who might be the candidates if the job does come to exist.

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