The Health Secretary has announced that large stockpiles of PPE items, such as face masks, visors and gowns, will be in place from November to provide a continuous flow of protective equipment to the frontline, helping to ensure our NHS and social care heroes always have the equipment they need.

  • Ensuring Britain has an uninterrupted supply to meet the challenges in the coming months has been a priority - having already distributed over 3.5 billion items of PPE since the start of the pandemic. 
  • That’s why the government is establishing stockpiles of critical equipment and have struck more than 300 supplier deals, meaning that almost three quarters of the PPE we now have access to, via robust and resilient supply chains, now comes from UK manufacturers – up from 1 per cent before the pandemic. 
  • The government's PPE strategy will include further details of how we are building further resilience in order to be ready for a new wave of infections in the autumn, winter or beyond so that we can protect the NHS and social care heroes who protect us.


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