The latest round of Brexit negotiations begin ...

The latest round of Brexit negotiations with the EU began today.

The latest briefing from HQ reads as follows:

"We continue to work hard to bridge the gaps that remain without compromising on our fundamental position of being an independent country. 

  • Following informal discussions last week, the ninth round of formal negotiations with the EU will start today as we work towards reaching an agreement ahead of the EU Council on 15 October, which the Prime Minister set as a deadline for securing a deal.  
  • Since we left on 31 January, we have been seeking a new relationship with the EU based on the kind of agreement the EU has negotiated with other countries like Canada, and although we continue to have useful discussions in all areas, a number of significant gaps continue to remain in key areas including fisheries and subsidies. 
  • We will not compromise on what it means to be an independent and sovereign nation to secure an agreement."


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