A further COVID-19 update

A further note comes from the government about the statement by Professor van Tam.

I thought I would add it to what I had already written on the subject but unfortunately managed to over-write what was already there.

I had made the point that over from the peak of the first wave in the spring the number of cases of COVD-19 and deaths had both fallen away dramatically over the summer, but over the last six weeks the number of new cases of COVID-10 in the UK has been consistently creeping up. Some of this may be due to more effective testing and affected by statistical quicks, but the overwhelming view among the medical and scientific experts experts is that the increase is real.

Other things being equal deaths would track infections with a lag of about a month, but mercifully so far the increase in cases over the past six weeks has not been matched by a corresponding increase in deaths.


The most likely explanation for that is that much of the recent spread of COVID-19 is among those who are not in vulnerable categories. Unfortunately, if that spread continues, it is almost bound to start to affect those who are in vulnerable categories/#.

This was the briefing note I received.

"The Deputy Chief Medical Officer has warned that people must continue to stay alert to control coronavirus – by washing your hands, covering your face and making space.

  • As the Deputy Chief Medical Officer has said, the latest figures are a reminded that this is a virus we are going to have to live with, and if we are not vigilant and careful, we may have a bumpy ride over the next few months.
  • People must continue to take coronavirus seriously and ensure they continue to follow the rules – hands, face, space."


Jim said…
"People must continue to take cornavirus seriously and ensure tehy continue to follow the rules"

If you happen to know what rules the government have s**t out this week. Its getting to the point its beyond annoying. People say the government can only act on the advise it has at the time, well yeah, or the other option is to give advise and stop crapping out bloody pointless laws.

The entire handing of the whole thing has been an absolute shambles. It really is time for the government just to shut up on the matter and let people make their own desisions. If vunerable groups want to isolate they can do, they always could have. They dont need a government to tell them to and threaten them with fines if they dont. Its always been that way.

I understand there was no alternative which is why the current cabinet office incumbents are there. Throat cancer is probably better to have than lung cancer, that does not mean throat cancer is good.

Dont wear a mask they wont help you - oh no, now masks do help so now wear a mask or we will fine you - oh well actually they are prety pointless unless they are p95 masks but what the hell, it makes some people feel better so the fine still applies. I guess its the new revenue stream since hiding speed cameras behind signs on straight open roads became too obvious.

Its just a complete joke and, as I said, it's getting more than annoying. The virus isnt so much of an issue, its the bloody politicians and their statutes.

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