EU trade negotiations

 Last night, the eighth round of negotiations on our future relationship with the EU concluded. Britain's Chief Negotiator, Lord Frost said:

  • “We have just completed our eighth round of negotiations with the EU. We covered all issues in some detail, including the most difficult ones. 
  • “These were useful exchanges. However, a number of challenging areas remain and the divergences on some are still significant. 
  • “We have been consistently clear from the start of this process about the basis on which agreement is possible between us. Those fundamentals remain.  We have engaged in discussions in all areas.  We have consistently made proposals which provide for open and fair competition, on the basis of high standards, in a way which is appropriate to a modern free trade agreement between sovereign and autonomous equals.   
  • “We remain committed to working hard to reach agreement by the middle of October, as the Prime Minister set out earlier this week. 
  • “We have agreed to meet again, as planned, in Brussels next week to continue discussions.”


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