The Job retention scheme

The Chancellor has welcomed figures showing that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has worked – saving jobs and helping more than half of employees back to work already.

  • As this week’s official employment figures show, the furlough scheme has done what it was designed to do - save jobs and help people back to work, where they want to be. 
  • At the scheme’s peak in May, 30 per cent of the workforce across the UK was furloughed. That has fallen by more than half to 11 per cent by mid-August, showing more employees are returning to their workplaces. 
  • The government was clear at the start of the pandemic that we couldn’t save every job, but the furlough scheme has supported millions of workers and we want to help employers keep people on. The Job Retention Bonus will do exactly that, supporting businesses to do the right thing.


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