The Winter economy plan

As Britain's response to the coronavirus pandemic adapts, the Chancellor has updated the House of Commons on our Winter Economy Plan, the next phase of our economic response as we continue protecting jobs throughout the winter months. 

  • As the government takes the difficult but necessary measures to keep the virus under control, they will will continue to take steps to protect jobs, livelihoods, and businesses across the United Kingdom.
  • Throughout the coronavirus crisis, Britain has put in place one of the largest and most comprehensive response economic response packages in the world, providing over £190 billion of support to protect jobs, incomes, and businesses; and launched our ambitious Plan for Jobs and New Deal to help build Britain back better and secure our economic recovery. 
  • In the face of unprecedented challenges, Britain has repeatedly found creative and innovative ways to support jobs and livelihoods to ensure no one was left behind, and will continue to apply that same creativity in the months ahead.


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