Flu Jabs

This year the government and NHS are offering a record number of people the flu vaccine – to pull out all the stops for what is likely to be a particularly challenging winter. 

  • New Public Health England research suggests that people infected with both flu and coronavirus were more than twice as likely to die, compared to those with coronavirus alone. These people are also more at risk of severe illness.
  • This year, the government is offering 30 million people the free flu vaccine, the highest number ever. Some people, including myself, will be offered it for the first time ever, as eligibility criteria have been widened. The unprecedented vaccine drive will be supported by a scaled-up marketing campaign across TV, radio and digital advertising – the ‘Just’ The Flu campaign. Eligible people will also receive direct reminders prompting them to book their appointment, helping to drive uptake among their registered eligible patients.
  • With the simultaneous risk of flu and coronavirus, make sure you get your flu jab if you’re eligible, don’t gather in groups larger than 6 and remember ‘Hands Face Space’ so we can look after each other
  • A number of employers, including mine, are working with organisations like Boots to offer a free flu jab to those employees who don't qualify for a free flu jab under the expanded government scheme. So all BT and Openreach employees have been offered a free flu jab. I hope other employers will consider making similar arrangements. 


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