The new Police covenant

On Tuesday the Home Secretary announced that the government is  enshrining a new police covenant into law, giving police officers and their families the support and special recognition they deserve for keeping us all safe. 

  • This People’s Government is committed to delivering on the people’s priorities – backing our police with more resources, powers and protections so they can cut crime and keep us and themselves safe.
  • That is why the government is are enshrining a new police covenant into law, which will provide formal recognition for officers and their families who have made sacrifices in carrying out their duties, as well as placing a statutory duty on the Government to do more to support the police.
  • This will give out frontline officers confidence that they will always have the support of the nation, allowing them to focus on what really matters – keeping the British public and our streets safe.


Jim said…
This is absolutely discusting. giving the police more "emergency powers" Im really starting to worry about this country.

The job of the police is to stop crime, crime being that really defined by common law. In general the simple things, dont kill, dont beat people up, dont steal, respect people, respect property etc.

Its quite right that police should be paid and to those who are injured in the line of duty a medical discharge should be offered. much like with soldiers.

There is no need to give more powers at all, there never was. The harrogate agenda is needed now more than ever.
Chris Whiteside said…
I don't find that comment reasonable.

The Police Covenant is not about giving the police extra powers, it is about honouring and supporting police officers and their families.

It is necessary to give the police appropriate powers and keep them up to date - I would actually agree that it is important that those powers should be appropriate and not excessive, and so would many police officers.

Most police officers have handled a very difficult situation very well.

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