Government action to tackle the coronavirus pandemic:


The government is:

  • Protecting the NHS so that it is there for people when they need it, increasing the number of ventilators, building new hospitals and reducing coronavirus admissions from more than 3,400 in April to 141 on 2 September. 
  • Protecting our brilliant NHS and care workers, delivering over 3 billion items of PPE to 58,000 health and care settings. 
  • Britain's testing rate is now among the best in the world, equivalent to one test for every five people in the country. 
  • The government is taking unprecedented action to support jobs and livelihoods, providing around £160 billion of support to individuals and businesses across the UK. 
  • The government is looking after those who need extra help, delivering over 4.5 million food boxes to people who were shielding. 
  • Britain is leading the world in the development of a vaccine, backing two of the leading coronavirus vaccine programmes here in the UK and contributing £2.3 billion to the international effort to fight the virus.


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