Protecting renters through the difficulties of the Coronavirus period

The Housing Secretary has announced a comprehensive plan to protect renters impacted by Coronavirus from eviction, including a requirement to provide six months’ notice, meaning no one will be forced from their homes over the winter.

  • Over recent months, the government has taken unprecedented action to ensure that renters were protected from eviction at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.  
  • When people in Britain start to get our lives back to normal and transition out of emergency measures, it will be time for the temporary measures to end. It is important to provide certainty to landowners as well as renters. But it would be wrong and premature to scrap all protection now. Therefore, to ensure nobody is forced out of their home immediately and that public health is protected, the government will require landlords to provide six months’ notice before eviction and ensure no eviction proceedings can take place in areas affected by a local lockdown. 
  • These changes strike the right balance between ensuring the safety of renters is balanced against landlords’ right to access their property, while continuing to protect public health.


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