An example of the principle of service

According to Channel 4 news and other sources, Britain's ambassador to Afghanistan, Sir Laurie Bristow, has not boarded a plane home yet and remains at the airport, personally processing visas for interpreters and other embassy staff who wish to leave.

I aslo see that there is a report in the Mail online that a former Royal Marine commando who now runs a charity in Afghanistan, Paul 'Pen' Farthing, who won't get on a plane back to Britain until he can secure visas for his Afghan staff who he fears would otherwise be targetted by the Taliban for working with Westerners.

Any disaster whether natural or caused by human actions - and human-made disasters don't come all that much worse than what is now happening if Afghanistan - shows the worst and best of human nature; those who think only of themselves and those who think of others.


Anonymous said…
makes you proud to be british
Chris Whiteside said…
Not clear whether that comment is meant to be ironic.

There are plenty of aspects of this tragic situation, taken as a whole, which certainly should not inspire feelings of pride. However, those who have stayed behind to help others to leave safely can indeed be proud of themselves.

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