Using water pipes to provide more broadband options

The government is looking at the accelerated rollout of broadband and mobile signal using water pipes – bringing lightning fast internet to rural areas and connecting communities across the UK without digging up roads, while also reducing leakage from the water supply.

  • One of the biggest obstacles to providing new gigabit-capable broadband in our rural areas is the cost of installing infrastructure, which can make up four fifths of the cost and requires disruptive roadworks or digging up land. 
  • So the government will invest £4 million to support innovators seeking ways to  adapt Britain's existing water pipe network to become dual-purpose – using the shared infrastructure to provide broadband and to monitor our pipe network to identify leaks and repair work. 
  • If successful, plans to maximising the benfits of Britain's existing infrastructure with innovative trials like this one using fibre optic cables will speed up the rollout of broadband, so fast internet is as easily accessible as the water in our pipes.

In the interests of full transpanency, I am employed by Openreach, part of the BT group, but am posting as a Conservative activist and the source for all the information in this article is the Conservative research department. The views in this post do not necessarily represent those of BT or Openreach. 


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