Vaccination progress - another target hit.

This week the  target was achieved to offer the COVID-19 vaccination to all 16 and 17 year olds in England, strengthening our wall of defence against this disease. 

  • The success of Britain's vaccine programme has saved over 95,000 lives and prevented over 80,000 hospitalisations, but to maintain this success it is vital that young people also get vaccinated. 
  • Following an unprecedented vaccine drive, we have now hit our target of offering everyone in that age group a vaccination – and are asking young people to come forward and share their experiences of the diseases to encourage others to get the jab.
  • Separately, we are still awaiting advice from the JCVI about the vaccine booster programme, but we are confident that the programme will begin in September.
  • By maintaining the success of our vaccine rollout, we can continue returning schools and colleges to normal, building back better and allowing people to go about their daily lives.


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