The IPCC report on Climate change

Following the publication of the IPCC’s report on climate change yesterday, the Prime Minister urged countries around the world to join us in acting boldly now so we can avoid incalculable damage in the future.  

  • The report by the IPCC could not be clearer, that human beings are causing potentially catastrophic climate change and that it is far cheaper and more effective to act now.
  • Here in the UK, we have proved that we can do it – having halved emissions in the last three decades, cut our dependence on coal by 93 per cent since 2015, and our Ten Point Green Industrial Revolution will drive hundreds of thousands of high-skilled jobs across the country while making it easier and cheaper for people to go green. 
  • At COP26, we need every other country to follow the lead of the UK and commit to net zero carbon emissions by mid-century, and long before that deadline we need the big emitting countries to come forward with specific plans to cut their CO2 output.
  • And we are asking for world leaders to make commitments in four specific areas: ending coal dependency, abandoning our reliance on fossil fuels engines, for the richest and biggest emitting countries to commit $100 billion per year to help the planet go green and help us restore nature and habitats.
  • This is our best chance to make the changes we need now for the health, prosperity and growth of our economy and our best chance to safeguarding the natural world for future generations.  


Jim said…
I personally drive an EV currently. But we both know that the current proposal of EVs only by the end of the decade is crazy. EVs are great, I know. But from where will the electricity come. the grid is on its knees as it is, blackouts are inevitable. The sharp increase in EVs (a very heavy load) and the mandatory replacement of gas boilers is going to increase demand, but there isnt the capacity to supply.
Without new nuclear the future isnt bright.
Chris Whiteside said…
I certainly agree that we need new nuclear.

Electric vehicles are only cleaner than diesel of petrol ones if the electricity to charge them comes from a clean source such sa renewables or nuclear power.

The targets for how fast it is planned to go over to EVs are certainly challenging. But the potential consequences if we, and the other countries in the world, do not set challenging targest to reduce our carbon emissions look pretty scary.

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