Firearms safety

The government has asked police to review their current firearms processes and whether they need to revisit any existing licenses in light of the tragic attack in Plymouth to ensure everything is being done to keep people safe.

  • Incidents such as Thursday’s horrific events in Plymouth are thankfully rare, but, as I remember only too well from the tragic series of shooting in West Cumbria in 2010, their impact is profound, not only on those directly affected but on the community as a whole. The government must constantly assess what sensible and proportionate steps can be taken to help prevent such terrible loss of life happening again.
  • We are bringing forward new guidance to improve how people applying for a firearms licence are assessed in future, including social media checks.
  • But today, as a matter of urgency, we are asking the police to review their practices and whether any existing licences need to be looked at again. This will help reassure people that all necessary checks have been made to keep them safe.


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