Yesterday's online G7 call on Afghanistan

 Yesterday the Prime Minister chaired a meeting of the G7 on the situation in Afghanistan.

  • Britain's first priority in Afghanistan remains the safe evacuation of British citizens and Afghan staff – but it is also vital that the international community comes together to agree a joint approach to the urgent situation and support the Afghan people living there. 
  • That is why yesterday the G7, under the Presidency of the UK, agreed a joint approach to deal with the evacuation of our citizens and those Afghans who have partnered with us over the past 20 years  - as well as a roadmap for engagement with any future Afghan government and a commitment to support the safety and security of the people who live there. 
  • Together with our partners and allies, Britain will continue to use every humanitarian and diplomatic lever to safeguard human rights and protect the gains made over the last two decades.


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