Climate change research

The government has launched a new £5 million climate research programme, working with leading environmental science authorities to ensure we make the best possible choices as we build back greener. 

  • Climate change poses a threat to both our way of life and the safety of our nation, so the decisions taken by the Government now are vital to protect our homes, wellbeing and future.
  • That is why the government has launched the Climate Services for a Net Zero Resilient World programme, bringing together the brightest and best climate scientists to provide the UK with the latest tools, advice and research to inform future climate policies at a national and local level. 
  • This research will ensure the UK is best prepared for the impacts of a warming planet on our national infrastructure and will help to deliver our ambitious plans for decarbonising our economy.


Jim said…
What are they doing about modular nuclear to prevent the inevitable coming blackouts?
Chris Whiteside said…
It is my understanding that policy in respect of new nuclear is being urgently reviewed given the combination of the need for low carbon base load power, and the securitiy difficulties inherent in replying on Chinese investment.

I know our MP has been involved in a number of meetings recently to discuss and promote modular nuclear build options.
Jim said…
Here is an interesting article on this theme in the mail on Sunday

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